Sunday, June 6, 2010

Graduation Day

It still does not seem possible. My first-born has finished High School. Wasn't I just comforting a colicky baby through the night? Didn't I just kiss that boo-boo when she fell off her bike? Surely it was not that long ago that I tucked her back in bed after a scary dream.

Look at that smile. She is so excited to be embarking on the next part of her life. As her mom, I pray that I have done a good job.

Sophie and six others graduated Friday night. My neighbor Rebekah made this beautiful cake for the occasion. She is so talented, don't you think?

The Proud Graduates

Feeling like a midget here!

Both Tony's mom and my parents were able to attend. It made our day even more special!

Upon arriving home, we found this banner tied across our house! Thank you Jen for adding that last special surprise!

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  1. Wonderful, but bittersweet for mothers. We never want them to grow up, do we? Congratulations to you all.