Friday, May 7, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

Tony built for me two raised garden beds in which to plant my favorite veggies. The tomatoes are in, as are the tomatillos (which I have never grown before). This morning, I will add the peppers, okra, and zucchini. If he builds one more, we can add herbs! I always feel close to Our Lord when I am working in the garden.
Yesterday morning, Jack woke up and informed me that there was a red button on the pillow that, when pushed by him, would make me fall down. He pushed, I fell, he laughed that deep belly laugh. This pattern continued until I found a purple button that made me tickle him.
I keep meaning to write a post about Sophie's Confirmation day. It was hectic and beautiful. I still cannot fathom that my daughter will be leaving the nest in a few short months. How can 17 years go so quickly? I am so proud of her.
I have been reading "Good Discipline, Great Teens" by Dr. Ray Guarendi. The advice is not anything new, but a reminder that if we want extraordinary children, we must raise them in an extraordinary environment. The main point that I have taken from this book is that not only will we meet with opposition from our kids on what we feel is appropriate, but also from other parents who feel we cannot protect our kids forever. I'm sticking to my principles.
Last night, as I bathed two very dirty but happy children, I realized that it's that time of the year. The time when they play outside all day, exploring our little patch of suburbia, finding treasures such as tiny rocks, dandelions, and ladybugs. They come in only to refuel and then head back out on their expeditions. They are barely recognizable in the evening, covered in dirt and sweat. Daily bathing is mandatory. I love it.
I have entered the clumsy pregnant phase. This week, I keep running into things like the corners of counters and the railing on the steps. I knocked my coffee cup off the counter while sweeping the floor. A pile of ingredients collects at my feet as I cook each meal. Despite all this mess, I smile every time I pass a mirror and see my rounded belly and can't wait to hold this new little gift from God.
To all the moms out there, may you have a Blessed Mother's Day!
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  1. Great list of takes. Yes, summer bathing is a must! I love the way their little bodies glisten after a good bubble bath to wash away the day of dirty/sweaty fun.