Monday, May 3, 2010

Jam Day

I had planned to get lots of book-schooling done today. Sometimes, plans change. A friend called and invited us to pick strawberries. I decided it was a field trip kind of day instead! Here are the troops, marching into the fields, bags in hand to collect a scrumptious treat.

He looks so enthused to be out there, doesn't he? Looks can be deceiving, though. He had fun and in typical Jack fashion, managed to make a mess I didn't think was possible with only strawberries.
Now here is someone who looks like she is enjoying herself! She flitted from plant to plant like a butterfly.

We headed back in with our bags heavy with fruit and smiles all around as the breeze kept us cool and the clouds kept the sun from beating down. It doesn't take long to collect lots of berries when there plenty of hands. I had a huge job ahead of me when we got home.

Here is my jam helper. We made 11 pints of freezer jam, and a strawberry crisp for dessert tonight, plus a huge container of ripe berries are still in the fridge to snack on.

What a wonderful day with my kids! Tomorrow we will open the books. Maybe.

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