Monday, March 20, 2017

weekend fun

On Saturday, we went on a mini-pilgrimage to Bad Durkheim with a group from our church. We celebrated Mass at St. Ludwig's. There was a painting behind the altar of the Crucifixion, except that the thief on the right had the face of Hitler. It was supposedly painted in 1939.

After Mass, we walked through a park toward a tiny chapel on a hill. The chapel was St. Michael's chapel. It was nestled in among the vineyards. Afterwards, we descended the hill and made our way to the world's largest wine barrel, in which we had our lunch. We wandered around for a bit before heading back for the Vigil Mass.

St. Ludwig's Church


St. Michael's Chapel

We ate lunch in the barrel.

The nice gentleman who told us about St. Michael's Chapel let the boys ring the bell.

A tour bus getting ready to depart from the world's largest wine barrel. Jack wanted to take a ride in it so very much.

Sunday found us in our mini-minivan again, this time going to Schwetzingen to an Easter egg market. The market was located inside a palace with one of the largest gardens I have ever seen. I plan to go back in a few weeks, once the plants are all in bloom. I had bought the kids eggs from a market last year, but only one survived unscathed. The rest are in various states of brokenness. We found replacements and then strolled through the gardens before loading back up in the van to come home for pizza and movie night.

I will say it was hard to roll out of bed this morning and get back to the normal routine after such a fun family weekend.

We spied this cute little car while walking to the palace. On the back window was written "Just Married".

This goose was making quite a racket, and then suddenly he and his buddies took off in flight.

not so graceful trying to get airborne.

My family

Slightly more presentable, but still their goofy selves.

We are standing in front of a mirror in the shape of a person. On my knee is a gap in the mirror, showing the sidewalk behind the mirror. The rest is a reflection.

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