Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Afternoon

Last weekend, we joined some friends on a Volksmarch. Basically, a hike. On the way home, I took the back roads instead of the Autobahn. We passed several castle ruins on the 45 minute ride home.

Today, I drug the family on an outing to explore those ruins. The first one, we could find no access to any kind of path to the ruins. We saw some donkeys and goats and I took pictures of the castle from the bottom of the hill. We decided to move on.

This was one of the highlights for Jack. He loves the movie "The Love Bug".

 The second castle we saw,  we wandered around a bit and found the walking path. Jack and Anna had the goal of getting to the castle by using any method but the path.

 The "path" was quite frightening in itself. Very narrow and only a barbed wire between us and the steep slope. The view from the ruins were breathtaking.

I also had Anna take a couple of photos of me in my newly finished sweater.

  Although I had to drag everyone there, they all thanked me in the end and we had a wonderful afternoon.


  1. I love your adventures! You're such a young, fun mom! And did you decide to go without the ribbon on the button band?

  2. I did use the bicycle ribbon, though you can't see it in these pictures. It is on the back side of the button band.