Thursday, March 23, 2017

This and That

(All the photos are SOOC, no editing yet.)

This has been an unusual week. Typically, we spend most of our day in the schoolroom. However, I signed up Jack and Therese to take swim lessons.  I need them to be more confident and capable swimmers. You see, our time here in Germany is almost over. Tony's next assignment is Korea. We made the decision to not accompany him. I will be the one taking all the kids to the pool this summer by myself. They are doing really well and progressing quickly. Peter and I have been sitting poolside, reading books, coloring, and generally having a good time together.

Tonight was Anna's band and choir concert. She had a small solo in one of the choir numbers. I sat there wondering if I should send her to a brick and mortar school in the fall. It is a hard decision and one that I will be pondering for a while. I was doing a little people watching during the concert and I was sad to see that so many little siblings were sitting with devices in their hands, playing games or watching movies during the concert. Even some adults were playing games on their phones. It seemed so disrespectful. Can we not give our complete attention for one hour to our children or siblings? What about the band director who put so much of her time into this concert? If I were a braver soul, I would have told the man next to us to put away the phone. Sadly, I did not.

Oh, and another out of the ordinary event happened last night. Tony and I went to a ballroom dance class. You could attend for free to see if you want to continue. I watch people dance and wish that I could move gracefully like that. While I had a wonderful evening with my husband, I do not think we will continue the classes. It was something that someone said after the class that stuck with me all last night. I asked why he started taking the classes. His answer was that it was a fun hobby for him, since he is single and has no children. I realized I already have many hobbies that I enjoy and to add another would be selfish in my mind. My family needs me to be focused mainly on them. They are my greatest gift that God has given me and they deserve my time and attention and love. One day, when they are all grown, maybe we can pursue another dance class. For now, we will continue to step on each others feet when we attempt to dance, and that is all right with me.

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