Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Yarn Along

Life is full speed ahead over here and the thing that keeps me calm is knitting. It is my stress reliever. The kids have started ballet and drama. That takes up three afternoons. The crock pot will be seeing action again after a long summer hiatus. It also means I have more time to knit while sitting and waiting for their classes to end. Peter has a 50/50 chance of falling asleep on the way to his sibling's activities, and if he does, then I have uninterrupted knitting time. If he doesn't, I try to bring something to hold his interest for at least part of the time.

I am currently working on three projects. A little white mouse. A soft, squishy, baby blanket. A pretty purple shawl. The baby blanket currently goes everywhere with me. I have the pattern memorized, and it is the one I need to finish first. The mouse sits on my desk, staring at me, waiting for me to make the rest of him. The shawl is for me, so it gets the least attention right now.

 I am currently reading "Don Camillo Takes the Devil by the Tail" by Giovanni Guareschi. I highly recommend this series about Don Camillo. Easy to read and most entertaining.

Joining Ginny, as usual.

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  1. Knitting is wonderful therapy. I love that sweet little mouse face :) and that book title made me smile :)