Saturday, September 19, 2015


It rained for a week. Well, maybe not the whole time, but basically, it has been rainy, cloudy, gray, and gloomy all this week. While I was waiting it out indoors, fall arrived. I noticed it yesterday when the sun finally pushed through the clouds and I went to the park with the kids. Little yellow leaves were dotting the trees. The air felt different. Fall.

Today, on our morning walk to get some milk, eggs, and butter, a spiderweb caught my eye as we were walking out the door, which made me run back inside to grab the camera. Carefully observing God's beauty always makes me feel better. It is a sort of soul therapy. Maybe you could use some too? Take a look!

Yesterday was not a good day for her. She walked in front of someone swinging, she fell off the monkey bars, landing on her face, and the tears were many and the wails were slightly ear-splitting. She finally laid herself out on the play equipment and sobbed "Poor, sad me"! This morning found her in a similar mood.

They tend to walk ahead of me and the little ones, chatting about who knows what.

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