Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tripsdrill Birthday

Yesterday, Therese turned 5. She is the end of the "birthday season" and we can now return to our normal eating habits! We had been thinking of going to Legoland to celebrate the three birthdays, but the mere thought of driving for four hours was a huge deterrent to the adult population of our group. Looking for something closer in, I looked up the Technic Museum. We have been to the one in Speyer, but there is a second one in Sinsheim that happens to have two supersonic jets on the roof that you can explore. There was a ticket option to add Tripsdrill to the package. I had no idea what it even was, so I clicked on the link. It was an amusement park set up like a town in the 1800's. It was a lot closer. We skipped Speyer and spent the day at Tripsdrill. We had a great day.

We arrived at lunchtime. Keeping everyone occupied with the drink coasters.

Concentration is required.

I get this look a lot lately.


Come on Dad! Let's go!!

There is a slide inside the windmill. You ride down on a burlap sack.

The birthday girl got in free!

Ice cream! Yum!

These were called "wobbly bikes". The wheels were offset on some. On others, the pedals were attached to the rear wheel and the rear wheel turned, while the front wheel was stationary.

"When will we get to the roller coasters?"

Clearly, the ducks are a bigger hit with the little kids.

The Germans are smart. This play area is located just outside the entrance to the roller coasters. Peter hung out here while Tony and I took turns riding with the older kids. Even Therese was tall enough to ride.

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