Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Yarn Along

I was channeling the little old lady that lives inside me this week and knitted a doily with a crocheted edge. As this is my first attempt, I have some questions for any seasoned doily makers out there.

First, I loved how it looked all blocked on the mats. But after it was dry and I started to remove it, it immediately curled up a bit. Is there anything I should have done to prevent this from happening? I recently bought some antique doilies here in Germany and they seem to have some kind of starch or something because they don't curl up or become misshapen. Is it old age and dirt? I don't know.

As for reading, I made tremendous headway this week. With the temps in the 3 digit category, we took the kids to the village pool. The water was so cold that Peter's lips were as blue as the water after thirty minutes. I took him back to our towels laid out on the grass and wrapped him up, where he fell asleep almost instantly. So for one glorious hour, I sat in the shade of a tree with my son sleeping next to me, reading. I can safely say that I am enjoying Willa Cather's "Shadows on the Rock", though I wish I could read French or that they would translate the French passages.

Joining Ginny, as usual.

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  1. I think it might have to do with the yarn/thread you're using. I have some Belgian doilies that were given to me by my son's German teacher (she's a native Belgian). I have intended to have them framed (for years) and they are stiff, but the thread they are made with is very fine and stiff itself. It also must be starched, otherwise I don't think it would be so stiff. Your design is beautiful!