Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Yarn Along

Sometimes what seems like a good idea just isn't.

I thought that using a sport weight yarn to knit a bunny would make it easier on my hands. After all, I usually am knitting with worsted yarn and US2 needles. It makes a nice tight fabric for stuffing bunnies. I figured the little bunny would just be a little smaller.

Sometimes the results are surprising.

Not only was the bunny not smaller, she just kept expanding but not holding her shape. (which is what no lady ever wants!) So sorry, little bunny! Therese loves her just as she is, which is as it should be.

To make sure my knitting skills were not to blame, I made another bunny with worsted yarn. He is probably the nicest looking bunny to date.

The other experiment was part success, part proof that sometimes it pays to be a little snobby in the yarn department. Not that I am condoning snobbery in other parts of life. Though when I think on it, quality ingredients in the kitchen are a must as well.

I had a rather vast quantity of blue acrylic yarn that I probably should have just donated or given away, but I tried making a shawl, knowing that it probably would not have the drape I wanted. It is pretty, but I was right, it is scratchy and does not drape nicely. It does keep me warm on cool mornings while sitting out on the patio with my morning coffee. The pattern can be found here on Ravelry.

I started reading 'Shadows on the Rock' by Willa Cather. I like her other stories, so I suspect that I will like this one too.

Joining Ginny, as usual.


  1. Being a yarn snob is acceptable. We put a lot of work into our craft and you need the correct materials to make it right. The bunnies are adorable! The shawl is gorgeous. I wonder if you could soak it in something to soften it up a bit?

    1. Before I blocked it, I soaked it for an hour or so in a wool wash.

      Any suggestions other than that?

  2. When I first saw the picture of the shawl I thought, "Wow, that's an interesting wall hanging." And then I went back to read your post. lol

    Okay, it's certainly not funny that it's scratchy and doesn't drape well. But it DOES make a very impressive work of art for the wall. If you can't soften it, you might consider hanging it!

    1. Not a bad idea! It is pretty, but I know I will want to make another using better yarn.

  3. The shawl is beautiful, but I too would want to do it again with nicer yarn. Good that it is warm enough to wear on the patio!