Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Being a kid in the summertime is a wonderful thing. You sleep in, make your own fun, and are generally care free. I love watching the kids make their own summer memories.

I love little feet and the little people they belong to

They never use rain boots for their intended purpose. They always fill them with water and slosh around.

Slosh, slosh, slosh

And then, of course, one must jump and make the water splash out.

Doesn't it look like she is balancing on little icicles?

It really does look fun

See? Don't you want to try?

Anna's turn

notice that there is a constant line for "refills" in the background

happy little clouds

A raincoat completes the outfit

He takes his job  very seriously...

most of the time. Everyone needs a break now and again.

"I finally got a turn with the hose!!"

 On this hot, sunny day, we walked down to the market. The kids are forever asking me to stop at the park. I always say no. Today, I said yes. There is a slide, two swings, and not much else. They quickly tired of that and went exploring down the gravel path. It was in the shade and smelled of damp earth and crunched under my shoes in a most nostalgic way. There was a little wooden bridge that arched in the middle over a tiny creek. The muddy creek was canopied by trees, where eight ducks were bathing and swimming in the same carefree manner of children with nothing to do. Anna managed to slip on the slimy rocks and get her shoe firmly stuck in the muck. Jack pulled her out and that was our cue to actually go pick up our groceries. The walk home was hot, humid, and filled with the kind of whine that one cannot drink. Time for ice cream! With a cone for each kid and maybe one for the mama, we headed up the hill, in a much better mood. Still very sweaty, and don't forget the muddy shoe, I turned the hose on the kids. These are the kind of days that I want to always remember. So here I am, writing it down!

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