Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny again today to talk about knitting.

I finished the shawl I had been making myself. I really like how it turned out. The pattern is Saroyan and with thousands of other examples to look at, I came up with a plan for a shape that would work for the yarn I had chosen. The original pattern calls for worsted weight. When I found the color of yarn I wanted, it was only available in fingering weight. That was fine, since I pictured this being a lightweight shawl to wear with a specific dress I already owned. The dress needed a little something to dress it up for Mass.

I had recently ordered some blocking mats and wires and was able to use them for the first time to block this shawl. The garter edge was folding under quite a lot and I hoped to correct that. It did fix it somewhat, yet it is still not perfect. (A sort of funny, sort of not story about those blocking wires. The first time I ordered them, they showed up in a cardboard tube that had been ripped in half, badly taped back together and contained only one very bent wire. My husband didn't think to refuse the package and brought it home. The post office would not do anything about it the next day, stating that we did not refuse it. So I called Knitpicks and told them the tale. They sent me a replacement free of charge. This package also arrived in terrible condition, but thankfully all the wires were there, unbent.)

I have been trying to read "The Bird in the Tree" by Elizabeth Goudge, from Ginny's Happy Reading List. I really like it, yet I seem to have so little time to read these days. Also, I am so tired at the end of the day that I only read a page or two before I fall asleep. Thankfully, the library has not asked for it back yet.


  1. What a pretty shawl. I don't think one can ever have enough ! ;-)

    I have been curious about the blocking mats, but not curious enough to spend the money. Do they make it that much easier than a towel and pins? (And a space heater on the table)

    1. Thanks, Barbara.

      I really like the blocking mats, the pins do stay where you put them better. I had never been able to justify the cost though until I had only marble floors ( I used to lay a towel on the carpet and block it that way). I don't have enough mats for a large project though. This is a shawlette and I used every mat.

  2. I love how soft the colors look. And you look so great modeling it!

  3. Beautiful shawl, great that the wires were replaced.