Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday afternoon in the woods

Everyone needs days like this one. We awoke and quickly dressed little people for Mass and were out the door with few complaints. Then off to the bakery for breakfast and a great cup of German coffee. A quick trip through the Commissary where we picked up the essentials for the week and the fixings for tonight's dinner. Peter fell asleep on the way home, so while we let him nap, Jack started on a new project (building a model car), Anna finally got to watch her beloved Star Wars with no little people, Therese busied herself with drawing yet more pictures, and I split my time between them and their activities. I was really just trying to be patient for my one request today. A walk in the woods. The last time we all went as a family was in the fall. How one place can look so different and still be breathtaking is one of God's amazing achievements. The weather was perfect, which is rare here in Germany. If you don't believe me, just look at this...

"Aaannd she's off!"

I don't care if they are weeds, I still think they are pretty!

Violets are one of my favorite flowers, for to me they mean winter is over for another year.

It is hard to photograph these two without bunny ears.

We are going to have fun hiking, or else!

One of my favorites of the day

These are my other favorite flowers. I asked Tony if he thought they belonged to anyone, because they were on the back side of someone's fence just off the trail. I was tempted to snap off a couple to put in a vase. Good thing I only took pictures because the homeowner quickly came out to see what I was up to!

These last pictures are from the other day. This is just outside our village and I have been longing to take pictures of the brilliant yellow fields for days, but we have always been on our way somewhere and haven't had the time to stop. I am so glad I did, because they are already beginning to fade.

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