Saturday, May 30, 2015

Heidelberg Castle

Due to the nature of Tony's job, he is likely on a gig for most of the long holiday weekends. Memorial Day especially. So when he was given the following Tuesday off, we headed to Heidelberg. After finding a place to park, we followed the signs and walked about 2 kilometers up to the castle. About halfway up, we discovered a little playground built into the side of the hill. The slide was steep, metal, and zig-zagged all the way down. The kids flew off the end with a thud and a tumble and declared it the best slide ever. To get back to the top, there were rope bridges and rock walls and such. Once at the castle, we decided to pay a little extra for the guided tour inside the castle, which was the only way you could see the inside. It was not really worth it, for we only saw a very few rooms. Live and learn. The outside and the grounds were much more impressive and after having dinner outside there at the castle, we walked the grounds until dusk. It was a lovely day.

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