Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yarn Along

On the needles:

A shawl for a friend. I am close to finishing the knitted part. Then there is a crochet edging. I am a little nervous since I rarely crochet and am not that confident in my ability to do so.  I was also worried about reading the pattern from a chart. That has been going quite smoothly, praise God. I am contemplating buying some actual blocking mats and pins for this project, instead of my usual haphazard method of blocking it on the mattress of my bed.

On the nightstand:

"So Big" by Edna Ferber. I actually just finished the book, which Ginny had recommended on her "happy reading" list, and I really enjoyed it. I have another of her picks on the nightstand, ready to start.

this is very close to the true color of the yarn, which a very happy vibrant purple!

Joining Ginny as usual.


  1. That's a pretty shawl -- it looks very springy. Will have to check out that book, since I'm picking from Ginny's Happy List myself!