Thursday, March 19, 2015

Travel Log

Friday March 13, 2015

We prepare to leave for a four day trip. We have booked a small apartment through and we I am hoping to save money by eating in as much as possible. I made zucchini bread for breakfasts and froze it. It will keep the other food cold in the cooler. So will the sweet and sour chicken I also froze. I brought along the crockpot too. I brought some things from our pantry, including my coffee pot and coffee, but since there will be a Commissary nearby, I decided to buy most of the ingredients once we arrived. Of course, food is part of the experience, but we decide for lunches rather than dinners.

We arrive in Garmisch and check in and then hurry over to our good friend's house to have dinner with them. After catching up, we head back to the apartment for some sleep before the adventure begins.

This is near Sembach, where Tony is stationed. It is mostly farmland and rolling hills.

The mountains suddenly appear through the fog as we get near to our destination.

There is a castle to explore up there and that line across the picture is a footbridge.

Those are people using the footbridge. I will not be one of those people. 

Saturday March 14, 2015

We spent a leisurely morning at the apartment. The kids played with the owner's dog. I admit I really liked having some little comforts from home. Especially the coffee pot. Somehow, it made it seem more cozy.

After eating a small lunch and putting supper in the crock pot, we headed out to see Neuschwanstein. It is better known as the Cinderella Castle. By the time we arrived, the only English tours left were the audio tour, in which you carry a little walkie-talkie type device and listen as you go room by room. This turned out to be a good thing, because trying to corral Peter put me last in the group. There was a person at the entrance of each room who activated your device, which meant that I didn't miss anything. There was a 40 minute uphill walk from where you purchase tickets to the castle. No buses were running this day, so walk it we did. Halfway up, there is a restaurant and snack bar. Hey, they aren't stupid! After snacking on some bratwurst and a mug of warm wine for me, we pressed onward and upward. No photography was allowed inside the castle.

We came home to the apartment smelling yummy. Dinner was ready and we shared it with our friends. 

Enjoying the morning

view from the apartment

There may still be snow on the roofs, but there are flowers bursting forth too!


on our way up the hill to the castle

Notice that someone got more of a workout than others.

Happy for the lift

waiting for our tour to begin

Sunday March 15, 2015

Today is the reason we came to Garmisch. I was the Confirmation sponsor for my friend's son. I was honored to be asked. It was a small group of only five Confirmandi and the Mass was lovely. Their parish hosted a luncheon at a local hotel that was situated on a small lake/pond. The food was delicious and the day was just beautiful.

Monday March 16, 2015

Munich is our destination today. Sadly, the Egyptian museum that Anna was looking forward to is not open, so we plan to see some other sites and board the train. We arrive just in time to see the world's largest glockenspiel in action. And then we make our way to the Hofbräuhaus, where we drink beer, eat lots of food and are serenaded by a German brass band. Except for our waitress, who is clearly having a bad day, we thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Next, we visit a church. They are so plentiful in Munich, that it is hard to choose. The first one we visit is the Heilig Geist-Pfarrkirche, or the Holy Ghost Church. I wish we could have found an English brochure since my German is still very limited. But beauty goes beyond the language barrier and I soaked it in.

In between churches, we make a pit stop at the Milka store and stock up on chocolate because everyone needs more chocolate in their lives.

The other church we visit before we call it a day and head back is the Frauenkirche or Cathedral of Our Dear Lady. It is the cathedral for the Archdiocese of Munich.

the glockenspiel

Anna got the kinder size plate of food. It was still huge.

I don't even know how she was doing that.

Jack loves all things antique.

Cenotaph of Emperor Louis IV

picture after the bombing in 1944-45

There is a legend of a devil's footprint

Jack also loves the accordion. This man was phenomenal. He happened to be playing Bach's toccata and fugue in d minor.


  1. Love this! We spent several vacations (spring and winter ones) in Garmisch and Berchtesgaden when I was a child in Germany. I was also confirmed in Garmisch with my sister and my cousin. So glad you enjoyed you trip!

    1. How long were you there? If we could get stationed in Garmisch, I would jump at the chance. It is such an amazing town!

  2. What an amazing trip. The castle, the churches, Hofbräuhaus (though I only have to drive 20 minutes to get to one of those!). I would love to come to Europe just to see the churches.Sigh. I hope the rosary arrived in time (but I'm guessing it didn't).

  3. We lived in Germany 3 years - two in Bad Kreuznach (which is closed now, I believe), and one in Baumholder (although we lived in Idar-Oberstein). Some of my best middle school memories!