Thursday, March 12, 2015

breaking out of the ordinary

Have you ever witnessed something that left you speechless? Yesterday was one of those moments for me. Ever since we created the "dormitory", we have wanted our landlords to come and remove the very large, very ugly sectional sofa that came with the house. The landlords have always shown up at the most inopportune moments. Usually it involves me still in my pajamas, but not yesterday. Yesterday, I was teaching piano lessons.

So, imagine if you will, 10 kids and 2 mamas trying to keep some sense of order when the landlords pop on in. In the chaos that ensues, the decision was made to throw the couches off the second floor balcony. I was a little concerned, what with so many kids playing in the back yard and all. It was at about that time that my next family showed up. Four more kids and one more mama. Cars had to be moved, kids were running amok, and I was trying to get my student to the piano when "THUD", a piece of the couch lands inches from my laundry drying on the line on the back patio. I just stopped for a moment to take it all in. Tell me things like this happen to you too.

Today, I had lots to do, including speech therapy for Therese and much needed haircuts for the boys. We are going somewhere this weekend where I am pretty sure we will be in front of a camera. Peter's fear of haircuts has left him looking very shaggy and that is putting it nicely. I wasn't sure how I was going to get him to sit still until I looked back as we were driving. He had fallen asleep. Could I possibly carry him in there and keep him asleep while he got a haircut? Why yes, yes I could! With his little chin propped in my hand, the hairdresser worked quickly. Only as she was dusting him off did he awake, very confused, but looking very dapper. The hairdresser kept laughing disbelievingly at her sleeping client.

Sometimes I like it when things get shaken up. Sometimes. I really do like my nice little daily routine. But then, you don't get to tell about the time that furniture fell in your backyard if you never veer from the routine.


  1. Ha! Quite out of the ordinary, indeed!

  2. I'm all for the dependable and ordinary, too, but I agree -- it's not all that much to talk about. ;-)