Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Yarn Along

One day, Tony came home with a bag full of yarn that someone at the band hall was giving away. There were mostly small bits left over from projects, but with making all the little animals, I could put them to good use. There was one giant ball of yarn. And I mean huge! It was very, very crayola blue. And Therese loved it. She hugged it tight and let it be known that she expected a sweater from this very yarn for Christmas. She and I looked through patterns on Ravelry and she picked Ginny's Sunday Sweater pattern. It is well-written and I love how it fits her.
Well, Jack had already requested a bunny for Christmas and Anna had requested a mouse. Thankfully, Peter doesn't know how to request things yet. My sweet Anna saw that long list and kindly said that I could knit hers after Christmas. I plan to start on that this week. I also plan to start a baby gift for my niece.

As for reading, I have not done much personal reading lately. I need a good book.

Joining Ginny as always.

I found the buttons at the German fabric store. They have an amazing selection of buttons!

I still have a surprisingly large amount of this yarn left. It seemed like making a whole sweater hardly made a dent in this giant yarn ball.

See his little white paw. That's where I ran out of yarn. I like it though. I pondered for a couple of days how to solve the problem of not enough yarn.

The sweater is so cute. I used some leftover yarn from Sophie's shawl that I made this summer.

OK. This was a fun afternoon project. I had hastily assembled that yellow yarn as a wig for Anna's Rapunzel costume a couple of years ago. It became a "tangled" mess, but the kids still wanted to play with it. I don't usually crochet, but this worked up super quick and the results are perfect!


  1. I love the sweater (and the bunny -- love his white paw!). The blue looks cute on that spunky girl! That is one ginormous ball of yarn! I bought Ginny's Sunday Sweater pattern when it first came out, but the sizes were too small for Faith. Ginny revised for a larger size but not in time for Faith -- she's wearing a women's skinny small now, too tall for XS, too skinny for small. I really hope the sweater I'm knitting fits.

  2. I love the sweater and the bunny. What pattern is the bunny?

  3. The bunny pattern is by Little Cotton Rabbits on Ravelry. She also has an Etsy store by the same name.

  4. I love all the items you have created! The color and pattern of the sweater is lovely and the buttons really set it off perfect! I will have to look at the bunny pattern as it's such a cute idea.

  5. What awesome yarn-y goodies! The sweater is almost as adorable as the little girl in it. The bunny is so cute, and I love the little white paw. The hair hat is awesome, and I'm sure has lots of hours of play in it. Great stuff!

    If you're interested, I'd love to have you link up at my Yarn Fanatic Party.

  6. Love that blue! Wow, that is a big ball of yarn! :) And Bunny is just perfect with that little white paw.

  7. Aww your little one looks so pleased with her sweater, just gorgeous! That is one amazing ball of yarn. I don't think I have ever seen one so big. The bunny is really cute too. Nice work. :-)

  8. That sweater is beautiful. What a great pattern. I can't believe how much of that blue yarn you have left. Bunny is adorable.

  9. OK, I thought the mouse was cute...but the bunny, oh, my goodness!

    And that sweater is beautiful on your little sweetie!!!
    you are awesome!