Sunday, January 18, 2015

What I learned today

We decided to try out the local ice skating rink this afternoon. I learned a lot.

For instance:

Believe the lady when she tells you the two year old is too young.  We could have saved some money and missed out on aching back muscles.

Four year olds are too young too. Especially whiny ones who probably needed a nap, not an outing.

Just because you knew how to skate twenty years ago does not mean that you do now.

Eight and ten year olds will have the time of their life and want to go back soon.

Husbands who never have skated will not be able to help other non skaters.

Next time, plan a different activity for the little ones.

Wear thick socks.

Remember to put the memory card back in your camera.

Ibuprofen will be required for all those over forty.

Crepes filled with Nutella are yummy.

So, in my humble opinion, ice skating with young children is not a great family activity. We do much better at the bowling alley.


  1. Love the bowling alley! Don't love the skating. :-)

  2. Ice skating has never been popular here either. All I can say is, you almost never fall at the bowling alley. You can, however, do almost as much damage to your back. Ibuprofen might be necessary for both. The only advantage to ice skating is it's probably too cold for germs to multiply.

  3. Mine enjoy it but we always went around age 3 and up. My favorite rinks are the ones that have these "walkers" that a small child can hold onto while they skate around.