Saturday, January 3, 2015

the forecast was slightly off today

It said, rain mixed with snow. Possible accumulations less than one inch in the higher elevations. Two inches of snow in the same number of hours and I am beginning to think they know not what they are talking about! My plans are foiled, but the kids are slightly elated.

Oh, Anna. You look too grown up here!

I loved watching them work together to make it fun for their brother.

He never stopped moving, so he was hard to photograph.

He seems to have changed his mind about not liking the snow.

asking to come in for hot chocolate


  1. Still not a snowflake here -- it's so ugly and brown. So I'll have to enjoy your landscape. ;-)

    1. Barbara- I wondered if you had had any snow yet. I saw that there is ice in Steubenville.

    2. We were supposed to have freezing rain, too, but it just rained and rained. I'd rather have rain than ice, but it's far inferior to snow (at least for viewing purposes).