Thursday, July 24, 2014

If there is a short end of a stick, is there a long end too?

I am just wondering.

Take, for instance, the seemingly simple task of booking a doctor's appointment for a child. I called this morning, all cheery, and tried to get Therese in to see the doctor, as she has been having frequent nose bleeds. The one yesterday at the pool, during her swimming lesson, lasted almost half an hour. The also cheery voice on the other end told me there were no appointments available, but she would put in a request to our clinic and they should call back within 2-4 hours. Fine. I really think they should just book appointments and not play this game, but fine. So I waited. Seven hours later, and close to the end of the business day, no call back. I called to see what was going on. They tried directly connecting me to the clinic (why didn't we do that this morning?) and once it began to ring, the line disconnected. We tried again. Same result. Apologetically, she offered that if I really felt she needed to be seen immediately, I could go to the ER. No, I just would like you to book me an appointment!

There also was the problem that I wanted to get Peter seen as well. He fell hard on his face yesterday and I am worried about his nose. Not that they do much for broken noses, but I would still like to know. They never gave me the chance to request another appointment.

Everyone else's noses seem to be fine, in case you are wondering. 


  1. ♡♡♡♡♡. Keeping you all in my prayers for better days ahead.

  2. Prayers coming for your sweet kiddos, and their mama...and the appt lady!!