Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yarn Along- the spring edition

Since I seem to have very full days and very little time to write about those days, I am going to fill my yarn along post with other things as well. Please forgive me.

My sweater is being neglected at the moment and I am so close to finishing. We will be celebrating a bit late Ben's birthday in a couple of days. We will be heading to a place where the kids can splash and swim and not get cold. My secret plan is to "volunteer" to stay with Peter for all his naps and knit away. We were originally detained from our plans by a stomach bug that swept in and hit every one of us in one way or another. Then knowing that Sophie's spring break was approaching, we decided to delay a bit longer so that we could all spend some time together.

I am giving another peek at a gift for a friend's new baby girl. I am praying that I get this done before the big day arrives! I also strategically framed this shot so you could not how much laundry needs to be folded. I really should be folding and not writing, but you can see how my priorities are all unordered at the moment. I have also been spending way more time in front of the computer than I planned during Lent. It is for a good reason though. My sister is getting married next month and I have been looking for flower girl dresses, suspenders and hats for ring bearers, and dresses for myself and the bigger girls. It is so exciting, getting caught up in the wonderfulness of a wedding.

There is nothing like the first tender shoots of seedlings to make you know that spring is just ever so close. The kids and I planted these about a week ago. I love watching them all lean toward the sun, craving that warmth and light as much as me.

We planted the lettuce seeds in the eggshells. We shall see how this little experiment turns out.

 I can't believe how fast this little guy is growing and advancing. I found it so funny how he crosses his little legs and braces himself with his arms while I feed him. He still slides too much in the high chair, but I am hoping to sew a little fabric cover to secure him a little better. The straps on my high chair have been missing for so long now.

Here is my happy little guy. He brings such joy into my heart every day.

As for reading, I am really enjoying Chesterton's Father Brown stories. They are short enough that I can generally get one read while I nurse Peter to sleep for his nap in the afternoon. I am trying to not sit in front of the computer so much with him. I either put on "Save the Last Dance for Me" by the Drifters and dance around the room with him (he loves that song and it immediately soothes his most fussy moments) or snuggle into the cozy chair with him and my book.

The last bit of news before I wrap this up is that I now have two children who are licensed drivers. I am still a nervous wreck while they are on the road. A mother's heart is in so many places all at the same time, isn't it?

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  1. I'm a nervous wreck when mine drive too. I wonder how long that lasts?? Forever? Cute pictures of Peter!

  2. Lovely post. Motherhood essence, and in its many facets. You are doing well.