Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter in pictures

For three consecutive Sundays, we have had to split up and go to Mass in small groups thanks to what may or may not be the flu. Someone tested positive, someone did not and then I decided to stop trying to find out. Either way, this illness takes their fever to frightening levels (over 104) for a couple of days and then lingers on  for way too long. So this morning I sat in Church by myself, missing my children and wishing this would just end already.

We did try to keep with some Easter traditions even if we are not feeling well. We colored eggs in the traditional way, with little metal egg holders and fizzy little tablets. We also tried onion skins again to be more natural. Then we tried something new. We wrapped some eggs in silk ties and tried to dye them. It was a mediocre success and I don't think we will do that again. Plus our house smelled a little like an old man in a sauna after boiling those ties!

May your Easter be blessed. Doesn't it feel great to say enthusiastically a great big "Alleluia"?

Happy, happy Easter to you all!

such a happy color

such happy children

I love this one!

Little fingers are impatiently checking those eggs

These are the experimental silk tie eggs. Not nearly as pretty as the tutorial.

His first Easter

This is my candy-a-holic. She was over the moon with all that sugar!

I stayed up til 2:30 last night making the doll's dress. Hers I finished a couple of days ago. The look on her face was worth every minute of lost sleep.


  1. Oh, those dresses are beautiful! I hope you are all feeling better soon! Happy Easter!

  2. Beautiful! All of them. Happy Easter!

  3. fabulous colors and cheery the sweater too, WOW! you are creative. Happy Easter. Happy Spring (whenever it shows up)