Monday, March 25, 2013

A thought as I enter this Holy Week

I opened my Magnificat to the morning offering today and two phrases leaped off the page as I read. The first from Psalm 116: "The Lord protects the simple hearts;". The second is from the closing prayer: "protect us against the forces of sin and death against which our own strength cannot prevail,".

That is me. Simple. I do not have great intellect. What I know is that I must have faith that God, who is perfect and knows all things, will lead me. And how am I, a simple heart, to know God's way? By simply following His rules. If I examine all actions and ideas of mine, I can know whether it is right or good by asking if it is in line with God's law. Oh! How far I have to go! Every day, my own selfish ways lead me from His way, His love. I hang my head in shame. I cry out. I pray. I try again. That is all I can do. Try again to show my love for my Lord by living every day in a way pleasing to Him.


  1. I love this. I use to have a blog called the simple life...that is how I roll..trying to just be simple in all things.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I love the simple life and the simple ways. Each day pleasing to Him. Beautiful.

  3. This is great. And very timely, given all the coverage about the cases before the Supreme Court today. I have been so disheartened all day. I pray that He does just that: protects us.