Sunday, December 23, 2012

In the days before Christmas

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for Peter. His EEG was normal and for now we will just keep a close eye on him. I hope to write more about this later, but I really need to keep a light heart today.

A few nights ago, the kids were begging to do some kind of Christmas craft. Clearly, they do not see all that needs to be done and figure that I have nothing better to do than to create a lot of mess. But that is exactly what we did. We made gingerbread house cookies. I was surprised when my husband sat down and grabbed a cookie of his own. Usually he finds some task that cannot possibly wait one more second when he sees us "crafting". Turns out he has fond memories of decorating cookies with one of his childhood friends every Christmas.

cookies baked and cut into house shapes

Those m&m's are hard to open.

Little fingers having fun.

Lots of icing never made it on the cookies. It went straight in their mouths.

Dad helping his son.

A lot of toppings never made it on the cookies either!

More candy not going on the cookies!

They turned out cute.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of the silly things that I have found around here these last few days. I did not take a picture, but Anna decided to cut a troublesome section of hair last night. It is right in the front and there is a nice little tuft of hair sticking out. Almost all of my kids have cut their own hair at least one time.

That would be Peter's outfit she somehow squeezed into. She is quite pleased with her accomplishment.

Why bother with a spoon or even opening the yogurt? Just put a straw in it.

The kids figured out that the fridge magnets will also work on the van.


  1. Thank God Peter's EEG turned out what? Poor baby.

    Your kids are so cute, love the cookies!! We do the straw for applesauce snacks too!!

  2. Praying there will be no more seizures. Love the zany life you lead. You all look very content and that is a great gift. Merry Christmas, sweet friend.

  3. So glad the EEG was normal. Keeping him in my prayers. Have a wonderful Christmas!