Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First Days of Advent

This year I am hoping to have a quiet little Advent where we can grow closer to one another and Our Lord.

The manger sits empty, awaiting Mary and Joseph, who are on a long journey... 

There will be some traditions from the past and some new ideas as well. Several years ago, I read about having Mary and Joseph move a little closer to the manger each day. The kids look forward to helping them on their journey...

They travel across the ledge separating the kitchen and den. See all those dishes? They can wait. It is 75 degrees outside today.
We have two Advent calendars. One of the chocolate variety and one made of felt. They take turns adding pieces to the felt one. So far, so good. No fights as to whose turn it is.

Our new thing this year is a Jesse Tree. Oh, I have tried before, but we have never completed one. The ornaments were too much for us. Fortunately, Charlotte posted these that we can just color and cut out. That is exactly what we need this year. Maybe we will be more crafty next year. Maybe not.

We light the candles on our Advent wreath each night at dinner and read from a book that our Church handed out long ago. We try and have discussions, but it is still a little too much for the little ones.

We end our day by reading "Destination: Bethlehem". We read this last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The rest of the pictures are from our lovely day outside...


  1. So many beautiful ways to teach the most beautiful story in the universe. Go mama!