Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wisdom of the Little Flower

Like the wind blowing through the trees, rustling the branches and sending them in new directions, God sometimes sends a breeze that helps us go in new directions. This morning, it was the words of St. Therese in her autobiography. My spirit has been very restless lately. I have this desire for things to be perfect, but I need to realize that this life is far from perfect. I was looking at parts of my life with such frustration and disdain, when really, what I needed to change was my own heart.

Our tiny dogwood tree that we planted last Mother's Day. This is the first time it has bloomed.

"When God told His people that they must love their neighbor as themselves, it was before He had come upon earth Himself; knowing how much man loved himself, it was the best He could ask. But when Jesus gives His Apostles a New Commandment, His own Commandment, He asks them to love one another, not only as they love themselves, but as He Himself loves them and will love them even unto the comsummation of the world!"

Tiny, but perfect.

"I know that whenever I am charitable, it is Jesus alone who is acting through me and that the more closely I unite myself to Him, the more I will be able to love all my Sisters."

One of the existing Azalea bushes in the landscaping. We have pulled up most of the original, overgrown plants, but I think this one is too pretty and will keep trying to prune it back to a better size.
"I see now that true charity consists in bearing with the faults of those about us..."

I made homemade ketchup again yesterday. I thought it was too beautiful to just hide in the fridge, so I snapped off a couple of photos first.

How often I let the little annoyances of those I love most keep me from loving them as I should. What a treasure God sent us in the words of St. Therese.


  1. Two of those quotes are on the Praying the Rosary with St. Therese CD and they speak to my heart EVERY time.

    (That homemade ketchup spoke to me, too. Thinking I need to grill tonight!)

  2. OH, your little Therese is just a dolly!!!

    That ketchup looks too beautiful to hide in the fridge...kind of makes me want a grilled burger (with a bun though)!!

    Beautiful quotes....

  3. Jenny, do you know the legend of the Dogwood Tree?

    1. I did not, but I just looked it up. The dogwood has always been my favorite tree!

  4. Beautiful dogwood. My favorite tree.