Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In other news

Anna and I have been trying to get extra schoolwork done each day. That means that Jack has time for such activities as art and extreme lego building. I had to ask for a description on this one, but I love the answer. In case you are having trouble like I was, this is a drawing of the dinosaurs waiting for the bus. The bus is at the bottom of the picture. 

Here is my artist, pausing long enough to give me a sweet grin.

She turns 19 months this week.

One day, she looked like a baby.

The next day, she turned into a toddler.

I am pretty sure this guy lives under the deck.

We see him many times every day.

The kids get so excited at each appearance.

Tonight, as Tony was grilling the burgers and I was preparing the potatoes and beans, the kids were outside playing on the swings, running around and just having a good old time. Tony called the kids to dinner and they all came running. Poor Therese was the last one in mostly due to her short legs that don't keep up with the bigger kids just yet. The screen door slammed shut on her hand.

She was such a trooper. I grabbed her up and saw that most of the skin had been peeled back. Sitting on the floor with her in my lap, I gently cleaned her hand, whispering in her ear what I needed to do. She kept nodding solemnly that she understood and did not flinch as I removed the excess skin, disinfected the wounds and covered them with bandages. I will watch to make sure there is no swelling, but she is already running around happily once again.


  1. All kinds of cute creatures in your yard! Owwwie for Teresa. It's hard to be the littlest one!

  2. Dang! Although it was just like a visit with you all!

  3. I love the pictures. My children will be thrilled to know the bunny is hiding close by... :-) Poor Therese. I love those little nods she gives.