Sunday, February 19, 2012

Young Writers Club {week 2}

Only Anna is participating in the Young Writers Club this week. We go to our homeschool co-op on Friday and Saturday was just too pretty to not play baseball!

The topic was:  tell about a family member who you look up to.


I admire my sister Sophie. She is loving and brave and smart. She likes to knit. She is smart at math and she helps me play 'five crowns'. The way I look up to her is she was brave to go to Austria to study.


  1. That is pretty brave, Anna. We lived in Germany for a while and I remember how scary it was to travel to a country where nobody spoke my language and I didn't speak theirs. Sophie is very brave, and I bet you miss her. Lots of love to all of you!

  2. Wow Anna! That's really brave of Sophie. It's nice to have such a sweet big sister.