Friday, February 10, 2012

Science or Dessert?


Anna is learning about the layers of the earth. Namely the crust, the mantle and the core. Imagine her delight when she found out that we were supposed to build a model of the layers using ice cream, frosting, magic shell topping and chocolate chips for school this week. We assembled it during the day yesterday because Thursday night is pizza and movie night and what could be better than pizza, movies, and ice cream?

This is not exactly to scale. OK, so we weren't even close. Still, Jack asked me which blob of blue frosting was the Atlantic Ocean. I pointed to a blob and said, "Why this one, of course." He was satisfied.

Please ignore all the pizza night dishes in the background. I would never make a good food photographer.

Our core is vanilla fudge ripple. Our mantle is chocolate. The crust is the magic shell topping. The oceans are the blue frosting and the mountain ranges are the chocolate chips. Tony, being the thoughtful person he is, when I sent him for all the ingredients, came back with dairy free popcycles for Jack and Therese so they would not be left out.

If you are wondering what science book lets your kids make models out of ice cream, it is this one. This made up for a couple of weeks ago when they wanted the kids to dig up our backyard to discover the different kinds of soil in our area!


  1. How fun!! There's no calories when it's a Science experiment right?

    (my 5 year old calls experiments "experiences")

    1. I sure hope not! I ate a lot of that "experience" last night!

      By the way, at our house Lego building is not construction, but "destruction"! 5 year olds are funny.

  2. YUM!!! That's the kind of science even I can get into! :D