Monday, February 20, 2012

Feeling a little like Ma Ingalls

Sunday dawned cold and dreary. The forecast left little hope of improvement. In fact, the day turned steadily colder and wetter and windier. I asked Tony to go into the chilly attic and bring me the rosemary I had drying up there. With Anna an eager helper at my side, we sat together and stripped the branches of their leaves. We filled two empty spice containers and half a gallon ziploc bag. Having just finished "The Long Winter", I couldn't help thinking of the girls and Ma taking turns grinding the wheat in the little coffee mill while the wind and snow whirled around their little house. Those two spice bottles will be more than I need, so I am thinking about making little sache's of rosemary to freshen up the dresser drawers.

This morning, with Olivia and Tony home for the day, I made a more hardy breakfast than I normally would on a Monday morning. Tonight's menu is chicken salad sandwiches, cole slaw, and homemade tomato soup. But there can be no sandwiches without bread. I put together the dough, started the diapers, then got ready for the day. By lunchtime, the bread was out of the oven and the laundry machines have been steadily humming while we got a few subjects of school finished.

Seeing the bread loaves reminded me of something I read about Lenten meals the other day. I believe I will try and serve simple soup and bread each Friday this Lent. I always pray while I knead my bread and I need more prayer time during Lent. I wonder if God is leading me to try and live more simply this Lent?

Ash Wednesday happens to be Ben's birthday. He would have been 12 this year. I suppose we will celebrate on Shrove Tuesday instead. A dear friend sent me an e-mail this week telling me about how a memory of Ben was sparked and brought tears and then joy to her. Oh, to know that I am not the only one who remembers my sweet boy and that someone else still thinks about him is so uplifting. To hear someone speak of him and say his name to me is brings such comfort.

I know this have veered way off track from feeling like Ma Ingalls, so I will wrap up with the little project that made our classroom just a little more cozy.


and After...(ahhh)


  1. Now that was a big WOW finish with those chairs. You've inspired me with them to go do likewise!

    Love and prayers for you and your family as you mark Ben's birthday this year.

  2. Jenny I know that is why he was on my mind. His birthday is coming up. There are NO coincidences only God-incidences.

  3. That fabric is beautiful. Offering a little prayer for you tonight before I go to bed.

  4. I just found your blog and I have to tell you how beautiful it is. Could you please share your tricks for making bread? I have tried so many times and it is always too dense. I am just about ready to give up.

    1. Hi Anne Marie! I am no expert at bread baking. It is a constant work in progress. The main thing I can suggest about bread being too dense is that you may be adding too much flour. My bread is definitely of a different texture store boughten bread, but I like the more rustic loaf it makes.