Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sometimes it takes a brick to the head....

When will I ever learn that I need look no further than our Lord Himself for the answers to my questions? I did not open my Magnificat this morning, but as I sat down to lunch, I opened it up and said a little prayer that I might find some words to help me. You see, I had been pondering all morning about how to grow in my faith. The thought that it would be nice to have someone (like a penpal) to check in with on a regular basis to discuss faith issues privately came to me. I should not have been so surprised to read the following Intercessions:

Fill our hearts and our homes with mercy and justice:

Lead us on the path toward perfect love:

Keep our minds and our tongues from gossip and slander:

Surround us with people striving toward goodness:

So I am asking...does anyone want to be my spiritual penpal? Penpals striving toward goodness?

I am adding an e-mail contact to my sidebar, just in case!


  1. I could do it! Not sure how to do it. I think it's a great idea. it's nice to be able to be more personal in emails (than say, the blogs)

    How do we start something like it? Do we have certain questions to ask eachother? (to kind of get a feel where each is at?)

  2. Barbara and Jamie- thanks for the reminder that everyone has "messy" parts of their lives. I know that and most of the time I do find inspiration in the blogs I read. I know that for me, I use my blog as a journal of our days and I want to chronicle the good memories, not the not-so-good ones. Jamie- I feel like I am always playing catch up as well! Such is life with lots of little people, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it to be "caught up"!