Monday, October 31, 2011

One more reason I want to get rid of the television

Let me start by stating that until we moved to Virginia three years ago, we did not have cable. We relied on an antenna to provide us with the local channels for news and weather alerts, and the children watched only videos that we bought or rented. I was happy with this arrangement, but my sports loving husband was not. Growing up, Sunday afternoon was spent with his family and neighbors gathered together, rooting for the home team. These are very good memories for him. So...when we moved here, the bundle package of cable, phone and internet was so reasonably priced that I caved. Oh, how I wish there was a way to give my husband his sports another way!

This weekend, we used the "on demand" feature to let the kids watch a program while I prepared dinner. They found one of the Pixar short films that appear before the full-length movies. It was "Knick Knack", which I remembered I liked for the Bobby McFarren music and cute little characters. I can't tell you who altered this film, but it was altered all right! The sunbather and the mermaid had been "augmented". They no longer were cute, they were downright vulgar! We dug through our DVD's to make sure we were right. My kids saw something I did not wish them to see. I cannot change that.

Did Disney make a second, 'R' rated version of this film? Where did the cable company get this version? Why was it made available as a family film? I do not know the answers, yet I do know that I feel violated.

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  1. We don't have cable. My husband watches any games he wants online, but they are low quality, but he is okay with that. That is really too bad that your kids saw something bad. We had a similar issue recently. I heard all the bad reviews of Cars 2 (we loved the first Cars movie), but the kids still wanted to see it and my husband and I kind of wanted to see it too and we just kept telling ourselves: it's G, how bad can it be? Well, it's bad, alright. I don't know how much the kids caught, but there was torture and execution implication (showed a car blown up in mirror), bombs on cars to kill cars, mafia type cars that want to kill other cars, explosions, missiles, was horrible. The boys liked it, unfortunately, but I doubt they caught how bad it really was. I'm so disappointed in Disney. Cars 1 was such a great flick, why would they go make the second one so far off from the first one? Well, anyways, I learned my lesson: don't give in! If the reviews are bad than don't let the kids watch it, and if there are doubts, I need to watch it first myself.