Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who's Learning More?

Yesterday, as part of Anna's First Communion preparation, we started reading "Little Acts of Grace". It is simply written and the illustrations are so sweet. As I read the ideas about the little things we can do to make Jesus happy, I realized that I have fallen short in taking those little opportunities that arise each day that can make my husband, my children, or others around me a little happier. It is amazing how easily your sleep deprived body (because someone has been waking. every. night.) can forget that a simple thing like a lunch packed and waiting can brighten someone's morning. The proof was in the huge hug I received from a certain teenager as she left the house with a noticable spring in her step.

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  1. That's one of our church books...the littles always look for the tiny mice! I brought it out of the diaper bag though the this past weekend hoping to actually read it to all, because it is soooo sweet and good. The Little Acts 2 is good too.