Sunday, September 11, 2011

Photo Journal- because I don't seem to have time to write anything down

Our lives are obviously very full these days, for I don't seem to find time to write out any of the things I want to talk about. I guess that is a good thing!
 I find Therese here on the horsie all day long, or trying to get on the horsie.

 Our first week of homeschooling went well, even with lots of interruptions. Here we have a spelling test and preschool art class!
 With Sophie back at college, we did some rearranging this weekend. Anna now has Sophie's room (they will share the room in the summer). Jack now has a new roommate: Therese! It was so weird last night not having her in our room. It looked so empty.
 I will hopefully be painting soon. Maybe green. What do you think?

 Getting ready for Mass. Her new dress from her aunt!

 Last week we planted a fall garden. Jack and Anna wanted to plant flowers, so I found some moonflower seeds among my stash. They have to be at least 10 years old and I had little hope of them actually sprouting, but I did not tell that to the kids. I handed them the seeds, a spade, and a watering can and sent them out front to the mailbox. I was so surprised when Anna came bursting through the door, squealing with delight that the flowers had come up.
 In fact, all the seeds they planted came up!

 My husband is a die-hard Detroit fan.
 Can you tell?
 They don't seem to mind the mosquitos that are swarming our yard.
 He seems a little worried about the kicker's aim!
 My happy, happy toddler.
 Confession of a southern woman: I have NEVER fried anything! I just couldn't bring myself to pour THAT MUCH OIL into the skillet. But this week, I did it! And boy howdy, was it worth it! Yum!
 I don't know who he is, but he sure looked majestic in our tree.

 Her first birthday cake.
For the record, that is my highchair that she is using. I brought it home from my mom's house.
 Anna picked out the baby doll for Therese. I love the expressions on their faces as they watched her open their gift.
 The planting of those seeds from earlier in this post.

 Anna's birthday cookie made and decorated by her big sis Olivia.
 My seven year old sweetheart.
Lastly, I tried drying some of my rosemary that had come to look more like a small tree than a bush. I felt like Ma from Little House on the Prairie with things hanging from the rafters.

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  1. Haha, that last pic is great! Exactly like little house. That little yellow dress is so cute on her! For the or blue. I just love those relaxing colors for a bedroom.