Thursday, September 8, 2011

Birthdays- from 1 to 100

Today is Therese's first birthday! The dairy and soy free zucchini chocolate cake is in the oven. While it bakes, I thought I'd write up a quick recap of the past week.

August 31 was Anna's 7th birthday. She is a girl with a love for one thing right now: Tangled. She received a Rapunzel's tower playset, a Flynn Rider doll, a Rapunzel costume, and some other things that were of a crafty nature. I will be honest and say that her turning 7 is very hard for me. I will be watching her closely, especially since we are beginning to wean her off the seizure medication. Prayers would be good!

Labor Day weekend, we drove to Tennessee to celebrate quite a special occasion. My grandmother turns 100 next week. We threw her a party a little early so that everyone could come. And come they did! Everyone that was invited responded and said they would be there. We even had a couple of party crashers! I would be posting lots of pictures had I not lost my camera. It was found later that night, praise God, but I don't have pictures.

And now today my little Therese is one. She is such a joy. All I have to do when I am sad is look at her sweet face and I immediately remember how blessed I am.


  1. How special that she shares her birthday with our Blessed Mother. Happy Birthday, Therese!

  2. Happy birthday to Anna and Therese!

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet baby, what a special day to share with our Lady!

    I will pray for you daughter, and for you!