Friday, June 10, 2011

Robin's Return

***I am sad to tell you that we had a terrible storm last night and the mama abandoned the nest. I checked on the babies and they have died.***6/11/11

Do you remember the robin that made it's nest in my shrubs? Oh, my heart broke for her the day I found the fragile blue egg on the ground, broken and lost. I cried for the lost baby bird, I cried for the mama that lost her baby. I cried for Gus, our baby that we lost at 16 weeks. Miscarriage was devastating for me.
But two weeks ago, she returned. The mama came back to her nest and tried again. This time, there were not one, but two tiny eggs. We were both surprised, that bird and me. I would check on that empy nest every so often, just hoping that I would see this....

She flew right at me, for I had no idea I had intruded! She had been gone for so long, I figured that nest was abandoned for good. I suppose it is silly how much joy those little blue eggs brought me. I dared not write about it, though, until I knew that there would be a happy ending this time. Just like how I kept quiet about my next pregnancy after losing Gus.

Yesterday afternoon, a friend was over to visit with her young daughter. I thought they would like to see the eggs. I squealed with delight as I peered into the nest to see those tiny yellow beaks searching for their mama's return with nourishment! A happy ending indeed.

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