Tuesday, March 8, 2011


months, that is! Therese is so excited to be 6 months old. She babbles and gives raspberries and rolls. She arches her back and pushes with her feet to get herself closer to objects out of reach. She is all smiles, as long as you don't try to give her solid food.

Can you see her first "hair-do"?

That hair is in her eyes now, so we pull it back!

It is also down her back!

Our sweet little Therese!


  1. She is a cutie-pie. Love the hair-do. Seems barrettes would be the perfect 6mo birthday gift for Miss T.

  2. Wow! She has a lot of hair! My Joe is a little baldie! Happy 6 months to your cutie pie!

  3. She is just precious with those big brown eyes and that grin!!