Saturday, March 26, 2011

11/52 and 12/52

52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations,
the extraordinary and mundane --
whatever is unique to the week.
Join me (Barbara) if you like.
Look who is sitting on her own! Mostly.

Our monthly delivery of specialized medical food. Yum-yum.
I am thankful that there IS food my child can eat.

Runny noses and still smiling.

Ok. You might have to click to enlarge this one.
Jack drew a moving van filled with furniture.

Sophie picked the wrong week to have Spring Break.
We were all so sick.
Therese was happy to see her anyway! (Me too.)
My project that made me happy.
I painted the light fixture.
It was brass. It went with nothing.
I think it looks much better.
Our first hint of Spring arrived.
Can't you just feel that sunshine?
Another sign of spring!

More father and son time.
I'm not sure why the bike helmet was necessary.
Helmets and hats. We like putting things on our heads!

My baby washcloths that never got posted this week.

She's part of the gang, conspiring some great idea for having fun together.


  1. Great pictures. Such sweet children!

  2. Pretty! I love the tree picture & washcloths. The kids are adorable too, of course. =)

  3. You have a very sweet life, despite the ups and downs. Loved seeing a week in the life of You!