Sunday, July 18, 2010

Slow Down!

Time has a funny way of moving at lightening speed just when you want to savor the moments most. This summer is moving WAY too fast. I woke up this morning to the realization that there are now 3 adults in this household. My first-born is 18 today. This year has been big for her. Graduation, Confirmation, and in exactly one month, college will begin. So many changes to process and we only have one short summer. Please clock, slow down long enough that I may enjoy these last weeks together.

To celebrate, she and I will have a girlie day together this week. Tony took her on a father/daughter date last night at the movies. Today will be whatever she wants it to be. Around here, on your birthday, you get to choose what we do as a family, what we will eat for dinner and dessert too. Of course, there will be a birthday blessing after Mass today. We have had a visiting priest for the last several weeks who invites all those with birthdays to stand on the altar and be blessed as a group. For people like Sophie and me, standing in front of the entire congregation is a horrifying thought. We prefer the quiet, private blessings, thank you very much!

Happy Birthday to my dear, sweet Sophia.

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