Saturday, July 24, 2010

Detroit in Pictures

Jack at his first Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park.
They even gave him a certificate.
Here he is trying on his official Tigers cap.
The gift shop officially took lots of our money!

Anna loved her first live Major League Baseball game.
She also loved the snow-cones, drinks, and snacks.
She is my sweet-tooth.

Not only can you enjoy a baseball game at the stadium,
you can also take a ride on a ferris wheel with giant baseball cars.

See! A giant baseball ferris wheel.
Notice that there is not a cloud in the sky.
Note that we were in the nose-bleed section,
which is closer to the sun!
What a hot day it was.
Oh, wait! The fun is not over yet! There is a carousel too!
My pockets are feeling pretty empty by this point.
But let's be honest, how many times are we going to drive for TWELVE hours
to see the Tigers play?
"Mom and Dad made me ride this silly thing."

The Science Center was fabulous!
Did I mention it was indoors, out of the sun?
Did I mention it had A/C?
Jack parked himself in the forklift for a LONG time.

Aunt Rose tries to calm Jack down, but was not successful.
There were so many boy things to see and do!
We had ourselves a grand time.

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  1. What an exciting trip for you all. The children's eyes just sparkled with all the wonder! We've never looked back and regretted any money spent for memories like that. It's the best way to spend.