Monday, July 5, 2010

Laundry Room Redo in Photos

The old wire shelf which I could not reach has been removed.
I painted the cabinets, which we found on Craigslist. There are more left so that we can have more storage in the garage. I won't be painting those though.

I cut in the paint before hanging the cabinets.
Tony put a support beam in to make installation easier.
Anna looks to be volunteering for some task.

Sophie is Tony's helper, especially since I shouldn't be lifting heavy cabinets!

My man is working up a sweat to make my laundry room nicer for me. Don't worry, I was in the kitchen at this point making a delicious dinner to thank him!

I'm not sure how much help they are, but they sure are cute!

What did I tell you? Dinner. Homemade baked beans made from dried beans that had been soaked and cooked in the crock pot. There was yummy cole slaw and turkey burgers with shredded zucchini in them. I'm telling you, they turn out so moist.

I love our homemade buns, but they always stick to the pan and I do not love the cleanup. Why did I not purchase parchment paper before this? Wow!

After dinner, the doors went on the cabinets.

Fast forward a few days. (We had to celebrate the 4th of July after all) I finished painting the rest of the laundry room and everything fits in just so.

A close up of the cabinets.

Ta-da! The wine glass actually contains grape juice. It just makes me feel good to have it in a wine glass! I am pleased with how our project turned out.
Cabinets + extra for the garage = $125
paint for cabinets = $15
paint for walls = free (leftover from the half bath)
hardware for cabinets = $6
Not to bad, in my opinion.


  1. Looks good! All of it- the laundry room AND the food! :-)

  2. seems like you and your hubby have the perfect symbiotic relationship--he scratches your back, you scratch his! nothing like a decked-out laundry room to make life easier!

  3. It looks lovely! What is that beautiful color on your walls? It looks very cool and serene.

  4. Charlotte- I believe it is called "tranquil lake". I will let you know if I am mistaken. It was from Lowe's.

  5. Charlotte- I was wrong, it is Sparkling Lake. Hope that helps!