Monday, April 26, 2010

Sugar and Spice

This morning, I woke up smiling. Today was my ultrasound appointment. I cherish those glimpses inside the womb. I have had the privilege of seeing this little child 3 times now and every time, there is an arm up by the face. Today was no exception. I feel like I am getting to know this little person already.

Tony and the kids all came with me. Sadly, Tony's work schedule did not allow him to stay long enough and we had to call him on the phone and have a conference call. Olivia gave him the play by play while Sophie held Jack. Anna sat there, watching my belly more than the screen.

When the tech made the announcement, Anna burst out "I was right!". Then I looked over at Jack. His chin went to his chest and he started sniffling. Then, looking back up, he stated, "It's not a girl, because the baby doesn't have hair." He's fine now and I know he will be a wonderful big brother, because every day, he comes to me and kisses my belly and gives it a good rub and says to me "I love the baby, Mom." Me too, Jack. Me too.


  1. So precious! Congratulations!!

  2. Have to say, reading this makes me so happy. Happy for you, happy at the thought of this blessed little one!