Wednesday, April 14, 2010


With lots of laundry to fold and kids that need schooling, what's a momma to do?

After denying this cute child television, she decided to play with the letters that were scattered on the floor.
"How do you spell pumpkin?", she inquired.

"Sound it out." I suggested. And she did it!

Inspired by her success, she continued spelling words on the floor. She contentedly played this way for a long time. How long?

Long enough for the mom to fold this much laundry!

And long enough for Jack to discover that his fingers can get "crinkly" even when he's not in the tub! (He wiped the floor up for me too!)

Now, off to help with Algebra, which I don't think will involve multi-tasking!

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  1. Sometimes motherhood is a great big juggling job, but without the applause. I applaud you today!