Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Morning

Here we have a well-loved, much used art book. It is supposed to help me keep those little guys occupied while I work on my own little project.

After browsing through the pages, some of which are no longer attached to the book, but just shoved in wherever, the kids decided to make butterflies. So I went on a hunt for all the materials which, miraculously, we had on hand. Here are the bodies, waiting for their wings to dry.

Here are the wings, paper towels with paint. Easy enough.

And here are the finished projects, with their creators.

After snapping three pictures with their eyes closed, and telling Anna so, here is what you get in the next shot.

Now, on to my project, which I meant to do yesterday, but did not. I have been craving bagels. I could have just bought some, but I have been trying to make all our bread, so here we go. The dough is divided into balls and is resting. This was done while the art book was being looked through.

Then I made the holes and prepared the boiling water and got the oven ready to broil. Even with the holes this big at this stage, they did not stay that way. The kids were busy painting paper towels during this step.

I tried taking a picture of them broiling, but there was a glare. After they broiled, they boiled. This was when I started some laundry.

Then back to the oven to bake. The kids and I finished up the butterflies and called the big kids to lunch. The bagels cooled while we ate lunch and then we just had to sample them for dessert. They were declared yummy by all.

I could use a nap!


  1. When did those two get so big, Jenny? Anna's a toddler, no? And Jack just a little baby? Something is wrong with your camera, I think.

  2. I love the bagels and the butterflies. It would be nice to be a kid in your household, Jenny! Such a nurturing homemaker is a rare thing of beauty.