Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Yesterday, while she was supposed to be doing her handwriting, Anna found out that if you twirl the chandelier over the classroom table long enough, it will come out of the ceiling! Praise God, the wiring kept it from falling on her.


Things like the chandelier incident seem to happen frequently around here. Oh, the tales I could tell you over a cup of tea.


I think that some birds have made a nest in a vent on the outside of our house. I can hear fluttering in the walls in my bathroom and the cat has been stalking that area intensely the last few days.


When the kids are pretending to shoot the big, bad, wolf under the kitchen table so he won't eat their Mama, they do not refer to the broom as a gun, it is a boomer.


I am thinking that this weekend's rainy weather means that I should paint the bathroom.


Almost every day, at some point, I will notice two fat birds land on the railing of our porch. I am pretty sure they are the same pair each day. Can anyone identify these guys?


I am going to daily Mass this morning for the first time in weeks. My soul is thirsty, my friend.

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1 comment:

  1. Dear Jenny,
    How I love the creative play our children do. It makes my day to see them use their imagination and play these games together.
    I love the birds. Do they look like they come from the dove family?
    My knowledge of birds is very limited especially non Australian ones.