Friday, February 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes


Tomorrow I am going antiquing with a friend. I am really looking forward to an afternoon of browsing and lunch! Yeah!


I was led to a new (for me) food website by a friend who had a recipe posted there. I like this site a lot. I have already bookmarked several new recipes for next week's menu. Yum.


From the classroom comes the following question: When do you throw away pencils? Just how much of a stub does a pencil have to become before you can safely say it is no longer usable?


Tony's Brass Quintet is going on a tour of the southwest for the next couple of weeks. At least there will be room for the little ones when they climb into bed in the wee morning hours!


I made Lemon Tea Bread for breakfast this morning. It was exactly what I had been craving, though there is not much left!


Do you ever feel that God wants to do something special through you? I hope He provides some directions!!


These are my especially quick takes as I am off to Mass and Adoration and need to load up the kiddos. Have a wonderful Friday my friends.

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  1. SO nice to "meet" you Jenny! Thanks for commenting and saying Hi! You have a wonderful blog here....another super Catholic mom to read!