Thursday, May 26, 2016

Manual Mode

Well, my friends, I finally got up the nerve to move the dial to 'M' on my camera. This is going to be a slow, slow process, I can tell. The pictures are mostly not worth sharing, yet I am going to put them out here to help document any progress that I might make.

Her face is in the shadows. She was not really thrilled about the impromptu photo shoot.

I may go back and try to crop this one a bit

This one may actually be in auto mode. I took two pictures, one manual and one auto. Now can't remember which was which. Oops.

He kept spitting at the camera, so I started questioning him about what he wanted to do.

I found this wax Madonna and child at the flea market. It looks like baby Jesus scraped his forehead and she is comforting him.

Picking her up from band practice this morning. Their spring concert is tonight.

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