Thursday, March 17, 2016

Seder Meal

At the very beginning of Lent, Anna and I were going over her religion lesson, when I noticed that they had an outline for a children's Seder Meal. Growing up, our parish always had a Seder Meal during Lent. I have fond memories of the school gym lined with tables, each with a lamb cake as a centerpiece, and all the families gathered together. I was picturing all this in my mind as I asked the kids if they would like to do this activity. Then, I thought, why not ask our group of homeschool families if they would like to join us? And so I did. And so yesterday four families gathered at our house to celebrate a Seder meal. Four moms and twenty children.....

Anna volunteered to play the role of the mother. She lights the candles at the beginning of the Meal. The religion book called for her to wear a shawl and a necklace. The Hawaiian lei was the only play necklace I could find in the dress-up bin.

One of the older boys volunteered for the big role of the father. He led most of the celebration. The directions called for him to wear a yarmulke and a necktie. I had Tony pre-tie the tie before leaving for work, since I do not know how. The yarmulke I crocheted the night before, using up a bit of leftover yarn.

You are to fill the "wine glasses" four times. I thought it safer to use paper cups. I learned by the third glass that they really aren't meant to be reused. They were becoming quite soggy and hard to hold.

Not sure how much she learned, but she is pure cuteness.

Another friend volunteered to read the four questions that the child is supposed to ask the father.

The little ones were quietly playing during our Seder Meal.

Looking solemn

Yet another volunteer reading the Psalms.

More matzah, anyone?

The sheep looks like he is popping by to say "hello".

Raising those soggy cups for one more blessing.

Jack reading a Psalm.
A special thank you to my friend Aimee for taking all the pictures of our Seder Meal celebration.

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